Just For Fun! Wild Prairie Fur Con 2018 Pictures!

I’ll be sharing more about WPFC 2018 in a future post, but for today — let’s have some cool pictures! 🙂

Not-very-cool me, in the hotel restaurant, with my only fannish accessory for the weekend besides my Keycon t-shirt: a cute li’l crocheted alien on a headband.

WPFC Me With Alien Headdress Sat Lunch

Well, maybe not my ONLY fannish accessory… I commissioned a crow name badge from one of the artists in the Dealers Den. Crows are very precious birds to me for a number of reasons, including some spiritual ones, so I felt comfortable identifying with them during a furry event.

WPFC Crow Badge

Somebody’s getting their tail nommed on! OM NOM NOM!

WPFC Furries Dragon Nibble on Tail Sat Morning

LOVE the skeleton face! And the LED name tags!

WPFC Furries One With Skull Face Sat Morning

A charming female ferret. I ended up hanging out with her and her SO for most of Saturday evening — such nice folks!

WPFC Snow Fox Furry Cool Couple I Met Sat Morning

One of the coolest accessories I saw all day (privately I dubbed it “the Aslan backpack”, but I don’t know what the person wearing it called it).

WPFC Aslan Backpack Sat Afternoon

The Artist Guest of Honour. If she fits, she sits! 🙂

WPFC Artist GoH It Fis She Sits Sat Afternoon

One of the charming serving entities in The Maid Cafe on Saturday night: an angler fish fursona, complete with forehead light!

WPFC Angler Fish Furry Maid Cafe Sat Night

And finally, the fellow (SO to the charming ferret!) who won the Live Reading of “The Eye of Argon”! I asked him to “strike a Grignr pose”, and he happily obliged!

WPFC Eye of Argon Winner with Ring

A written account of the convention will follow in the next few days, but suffice it to say that as a non-furry who was nervous about being all alone in a crowd of unknown fans, I was made to feel immensely welcome! 🙂


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