Author Interview: A.M. Surtees

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, most importantly, I am a mother of five children aged between two and twelve. I am also a children’s photographer and a kitchen hand. I know right, where do I find time to write? The answer, I have no idea aha.

  1. What is the title of your current work (WIP or recently published). and what is its genre?

Currently I am working on the second book in a trilogy that is due for rapid release next month, no pressure. It is a crime thriller trilogy with the first book ‘Called to Kill’ due out on October tenth with book two due on October 17th and book three due on October 24th

  1. Is this book suitable for children, or is it adults-only? If there’s mature content, what type of mature content does the book contain?

The main character is a call girl who becomes a trained assassin. So, safe to say it’s not kid friendly.

  1. What inspired you to write this work?

As a kid, I was ridiculed for having a small waist and larger than average chest so I wanted to create a character who had all those same things but used it against people. I wanted her to be the kind of woman who men would lust after one minute and beg forgiveness from the next.

  1. What makes this book special, unique, or interesting? How does it “stand out”?

Tamikah’s struggles and resistance to love would speak to a lot of young women who have been through the same kind of childhood. It also breaks the barriers of the norm and you really get attached to these characters in ways that you wouldn’t necessarily from a run of the mill crime thriller.

  1. Tell us some key information about the main character(s), both protagonists and antagonists.

The main hero is Tamikah who after a troubled past, finds home on the streets, using her body to get enough money to eat until Jackson Craig takes her in, gives her a true home and teaches her how to become a force to be reckoned with. He teaches her to use her body to lure and use her skills to instill fear.

I can’t tell you the name of the bad guy because it would give the story away, but lets just say that they were considered a friend until their secret past starts to unravel throughout the trilogy and the gang starts to realise they were never really a friend.

  1. What is your back cover blurb? Or if you don’t have one yet, how would you pitch your work in 200 words or less?

To the world she was nothing more than a lady of the night, but to him she was so much more.

After fleeing from an abusive childhood, Tamikah found her home on the streets until the day Jackson came along and gave her a purpose: To bring justice to the unjust.

But, when the unjust threatens her home, she will have to turn every stone, rattle every cage and learn to trust an unexpected love interest in order to kill the threat before it kills her.

Join the gang in Called to Kill, book one in a nail biting trilogy that will leave you lusting after a book four.

  1. Share a tempting bit of the plot with us. Is there a particular scene that you’re really excited about? Why does it excite you?

I think my favourite scene is when they uncover the bad guy and after several leads in all sorts of directions come up dry, the revelation will have some readers screaming ‘I knew it’ and others scratching their heads because they didn’t see it coming.

  1. Share up to 800 words of your current work with us (with an intro of up to 200 words to establish context).

This is the first few paragraphs of book one…

Moaning with just the right combination of exhaustion and pleasure to be convincing, I massaged my pelvis against his, a sly smirk playing on my soft crimson lips as his back began slowly arching toward the ceiling, his breathe exhaling slow and deep. He was close to climax and I was close to the apple martini waiting downstairs.

Helping him along, I gripped his hands and caressed them upwards along my abdomen until they found contact with the black lace bra that softly cupped my breasts, a softness that didn’t last very long when he realised what he had in his grasp. I cant say it was overly pleasant as he squeezed in a manner that could have been compared to that of a stress ball during an intense interrogation but the sounds I made as I rolled my hips in a downward curve against him made his eyes light up with hungry pleasure.

Gently leaning forward and guiding his hands around to my rear, I tilted my pelvis upwards as I lowered my upper body until my chest came into contact with his hot and sweaty torso. Short, black hairs tickled against the exposed parts of my breast, the shorter hairs prickling against my flesh. This was definitely not the kind of body I would go for on a Saturday night at Bellatrix, but those guys don’t come with the same fringe benefits this one would be coming with, so long as I tolerated a few unsavoury moments here and there. Trust me, it’s worth it.

The closeness of my body against his own was enough to really trigger an intense reaction, his body quivering as he pulled my pelvis down against his own in one final thrust to help finish him off before he fell back into the cloudlike softness of the hotel suite pillows. Sliding my hands along his torso, I smiled to myself at the view before me. Here lay this mid-forties man with his head tilted back, eyes closed and an ear to ear grin brimming with pride at his feeling of great accomplishment. In all my years in this line of work, I’ve seen maybe two men who don’t behave like this when they release themselves. It’s what makes the next part of my job so easy.

As I leaned back, keeping close eye on him to ensure he still had his eyes closed and maintaining enough soft movement to ensure he knew nothing other than I was simply just further enjoying the feel of him, I slid my hand down my thigh to the rim of my black leather boots. If it wasn’t for the biker babe fantasy that was admired by so many men, I would never get away with wearing my boots for these things. Then Id have nowhere to hide my gun.

Reaching into the lining of the right boot, I retrieved the small dark metal grey 22 calibre handgun with ivory woodgrain handle, while simultaneously retrieving the matching dark metal grey silencer from the left boot. Bringing the two halves together seamlessly behind my back, I looked down at him as he remained in a state of blissful unawareness to the end that was about to come for him.

Slowly drawing my upper body down until my breasts gently caressed his torso once again, I placed my free hand against his cheek and offered a gentle kiss upon his lips, causing his eyes to open, his smile growing wider. A smile that faded quickly upon the sensation of the cool metal against his the inner curve of his squared jaw.

He eyed me with his emerald greens wide and pleading as a momentary awareness took over him, realising quickly that his lucky score was none so lucky after all. In the same moment he opened his mouth to speak, I squeezed down on the trigger, the silencer doing its job at keeping the sound of the blast minimal. As the bullet penetrated his mandible, I was overwhelmed with regret at not closing his mouth before engaging the trigger as blood and flesh matter erupted from his mouth, splattering down the front of us both.

After taking a moment to gather my bearings from the shock of the unexpected mess, I unscrewed the silencer, placed the two parts back into my boots and rose off him, trying to avoid spreading blood even further before grabbing my bag from the entry table where it was dropped in what he mistakenly assumed was the ‘throws of passion’. What can I say, you don’t get to where I am without being an extremely convincing actress.

  1. What is the easiest part of writing for you? And what is the hardest?

The easiest part is actually the story because I create my starting character and then they tell me their story. The hardest part is focusing on writing with five children running around.

  1. Finally, if you could offer some advice to up-and-coming writers, what would that advice be?

Don’t write what you think your audience will like. What what makes you happy. There will always be a market for it and there will always be someone who thinks it is terrible. There’s seven billion people in this world. Also, a bad review is an opportunity for improvement, not a reason to quit.


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