Author Interview: Amber Ausherman

Amber Ausherman author pic

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a writer first and an author second. I have little care for what is popular. I just want to write what I want to. I want to gain experience along the way that challenges and changes me as an author. I was born in Hagerstown Maryland in 1991. Since I was fourteen I have picked up a pen with years in between.


2. What is the title of your current work (WIP or recently published). and what is its genre?

That is complicated question right now. I have republished one book, and recently published two more. I am currently working on Torn which is a horror with sprinkles of romance. I also have one fantasy Falling Darkness book two spiral of events, with my editor. My newest project is a newsletter called the Writer’s Grim highlighting Authors. I think I will talk about the one that is with the editor.


3. Is this book suitable for children, or is it adults-only? If there’s mature content, what type of mature content does the book contain?

There is a lot of fighting so it may be teen rated.\\


4. What inspired you to write this work?

The idea of giving some who is weak the ability to fight. The idea for the series came to me while I was in middle school at least the Nards did. I can say a box of nerds. I wrote the book twice in high school.


  1. What makes this book special, unique, or interesting? How does it “stand out”?

The story still holds its value with underlaying tones. I was told my characters stood out. The imagination for the three unique races and their worlds.


  1. Tell us some key information about the main character(s), both protagonists and antagonists.

Monett the antagonists wants everything for herself. She dealt with a lot and expects to be paid in full. Her hate for creed stimulates from what she knows of Nards.

Creed Is naïve and wise to the world. He experienced hate and still does. He has an ability that pertains only to him. He can influence his feelings onto another.

Vincent is the older brother father figure he does not want creed to grow up.


7. What is your back cover blurb? Or if you don’t have one yet, how would you pitch your work in 200 words or less?

Vincent, Crystal, and Sue long and hope to rescue Creed. Creed wants to understand his sister in law’s betrayal. Monett longs to rule. The king of the Nards Would like to meet his son. The other Nards are ready for a new ruler. Sizzler finally gets over his infatuation with Jade.


8. Share a tempting bit of the plot with us. Is there a particular scene that you’re really excited about? Why does it excite you?

My Character crystal gets powerful! She was a weak character, who went into a dangerous situation. She stood up and fought back instead.


9. Share up to 800 words of your current work with us (with an intro of up to 200 words to establish context). The scene that makes me giddy is in chapter five ‘Death of her?’

Crystal is a crybaby character. She has been through some tough times. My character gains the ability to stand up for herself and others. Granted she has a pack of wolves backing her up.

Crystal is a teen who adopted a young girl. The girl’s mother came back and turned out to be the villain. One of her friends is being held captive by a super race of monsters.

She was willing to die, and at the same moment she finds her nervous. The story so far involves a boy, before you roll your eyes. No, they do not end up together. That is not her story. Her story is about finding love fast and having it ripped from her before it even begins. Crystal’s story is the best friend who is a little boy crazy. She picks up the responsibility of a child. Only to have that taken away as well. That is just one of my characters. I was told by my editor the character’s do not stop evolving. People who are weak can become strong. People who are strong can be vulnerable.

Crystal kept an eye on the torches as she kept running. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a set of golden eyes in front of her. Crystal hesitated eyeing the eyes. As she shuddered; the eyes lunged out of the darkness revealing a white ethereal large wolf that had a mystical third eye in the center of its forehead. It opened its jaws jumping at Crystal again. She stumbled back, but the wolf creature grabbed hold of her shoulder biting down hard.

“AHH, no,” She screamed.

The wolf released her circling her.

Crystal grabbed her shoulder. She faced the way she came back toward the darkness.

The wolf growled speaking to her, “I would not do that if I were you. My pack lies in wait for my order.”

” You- you spoke,” Crystal stuttered.

“Yes, I spoke what of it Casalyian look alike.” The wolf snarled advancing.

Crystal lost her fear for a moment studying the beast in front of her. Her smell shifted from a terrified prey to something unusual.

All terror left crystal for instance. She dropped her jaw and cocked her head. Crystal’s heart was beating fast as her eyes lit up.

The wolf hesitated unsure of the change in its prey. He began to circle her with his ears pressed low on his head.

Just as he was getting ready to lunge again for her. Yelps and a rather loud smashing sound echoed from the unlit portion of the hallway.

The pack leader’s ears perked up. “Beta’s omega’s fall back and protect them. No pup left behind.” The Pack leader ordered.

Six pups burst out of the darkness. Behind them Seven adolescent wolves then there were eight adult wolves bringing up the rear. After all the wolves emerged from the unlit hallway, it immediately lit up. A golem the same size as the original stopped moving. The wolves formed a circle around the pups. The adolescent wolves surrounded the pups; then the adult wolves surrounded the young ones. Crystal had faced one just like it a few moments before she went down this hallway. The golem stomped toward them.

Crystal’s legs shook. “Not again! Not again!” She kept repeating. Her eyes darted around catching a peek of the trembling pups, the tense adult wolves growling, and the adolescent wolves looking ready to pounce. The pack leader pressed himself down closer to the floor his front paws spread apart. A savage growl escaped his throat. His ears pressed flat against his head again.

They fight even though they know it will be useless. They struggle to protect their young. They fight on his orders. Fear, they must feel it, Perhaps I need to learn from them. They will possibly die from this thing yet. They lie in wait to take it down. I should have fought harder. For Ashley, For Brandon, for Creed, and for Sue. I will fight, I will survive. Ashley waits for me. Crystal thought before she drew the sword stationed at her side. Her legs studied. Her eyes narrowed, and her breath stilled. She placed the sword in front of her.

The golem suddenly lunged, the pack leader also lunged. The golem swung his fist connecting with the pack leader. The pack leader slammed into the wall. The first string of wolves moved forward. The pack leader’s eyes immediately fell upon them. “Stay back!”

Crystal lunged forward her blade clashed into the side of the golem’s arm. The golem turned to look at her; its left fist went rushing toward her. Crystal ducked down glaring, and she swiped at his legs.


  1. What is the easiest part of writing for you? And what is the hardest?

Writing has always been the easiest part for me. Everything else is difficult. I have to come to realize there are necessary evils such as formatting.


  1. Finally, if you could offer some advice to up-and-coming writers, what would that advice be?

Keep at it. Do it for yourself and your readers. It is okay to be afraid of the unknown, to not want to take that step. If you choose to self-publish work at it constantly with effort. My final piece of advice is do not let doubt control you.


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