“If I were a rich man…”

On a FB writers group, the question came up: “If you became a wildly successful author with tons of money, what would you do with it?”
My response:
“Buy a large split-level house, with a top level studio (view of trees or a city skyline) and a finished basement space with lovely curtains, suitable for Wiccan rituals. There would be a big back yard with mature trees and a fire pit and a high fence all around, also suitable for moonlight rituals. I would hire a cleaning service and yard care service, and treat them with respect and pay them very well. I would also give a significant portion of my earnings to animal charities, and have a room set aside especially for fostering a few cats at a time.
“Most of my money, though, would go into the bank, to earn me more money through interest. :)”

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