Spirituality: A prayer to Isis and Apollo, that my upcoming purchases may go well

As many of you already know, I’m nervous at the prospect of purchasing a reloadable MasterCard with which to order my author copies from Amazon in the USA (since I’m in the Canadian market zone and they don’t have a printer here). As some of you also know, I am a practicing and initiated Wiccan.

So today (in one of the three or so spiritual posts I allow myself per year) I’m sharing my altar prayer, used this morning for the MasterCard I’ll be purchasing and my upcoming Amazon transaction, in case anybody else should find themselves in need of something similar at some point. Feel free to adjust to suit your own needs. I have no problem posting this for folks to read, since with every re-reading, in my opinion, these words are re-imprinted upon the universe.

A picture of my altar below, with a full-light photo of the spell card at the very end. 🙂

MasterCard Altar Oct 15 2018

Lady Isis and Lord Apollo, and all Goddesses and Gods who may aid me,I pray that I am doing what it is best to do in this matter. I pray that the MasterCard I purchase may work perfectly, that the Amazon site will process it quickly, that there will be no hiccups at any point in the process. May all work exactly as it should, and may there be no unseemly delays.

As I will, so mote it be — and as Thou will, by Whose will all things are done.

And to Lord Hermes, God of commerce and travel and speed, I also humbly pray: that the Internet may work properly, that the payment may go through immediately, that the packers may do their work efficiently, and that the delivery people may do their own work swiftly. Let this transaction be perfect, with all aspects working exactly as they should.

Blessed be Thou forever, in Thy holy realms, and may some of Thy blessings fall also upon me, who hath called upon Thee in my time of need. As I will, so mote it be!

MastarCard Altar Card October 15 2018

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