Article Commentary: “Why You Should Edit As You Write”

Having read the article linked below (about the advantages of editing while writing your first draft), I can see the points the writer is trying to make. But — and it’s a big “but” — the writer seems to be speaking entirely to pantsers, not to plotters. A plotter, by laying in the foundation and basic structure of their house in the pre-writing phase, can then power ahead on the first draft without editing as they go, because (in a sense) they’ve already done the developmental editing in the plotting phase.

I stand by the statement I’ve made many times before: personally, as a plotter when it comes to my novels, I find that trying to edit as I write my first draft only slows me down to a crawl, and I’ve seen a LOT of beginning writers choke and stall when they try to edit while first drafting. But every writer is different and there are certainly writers out there for whom the article below constitutes excellent advice. 🙂


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