I’m back! Minus two teeth… :)

Folks, this is what an extremely skilled and patient-oriented dentist looks like.

The second I walked into the clinic yesterday morning, Dr. S, my surgeon for the double extraction, was at the front desk, and he smiled at me: “You’re here. Good!” Positive reinforcement FTW! It’s nice to be praised for overcoming a major fear and showing up in spite of one’s terror.

He asked me if I was ready to go through to the chair, and once I was in the chair he listened to all my concerns with great respect, froze me up VERY solid, and did his work in an unhurried and thorough manner. And as I’ve already noted, the man knows his Jedi mind tricks: the second I looked into his eyes, my anxiety levels plummeted by about 90%!

The nitrous oxide certainly helped too. Wow… the overall effect is hard to describe, but I felt enclosed in a warm soft tingly cocoon, floating just above the chair and completely insulated from all the stuff (pulling, drilling, cracking, etc) that was going on in my mouth. Everything was mellow, everything was “dude”, and nothing could touch me. 10/10, best thing EVER for dental procedures.

Big bonus points for Dr S: When I was dizzy getting out of the chair after the procedure, he even took my hand and led me into the waiting room, then carefully sat me down in a chair before waking me through what I have to do in terms of after-care. And at every step he checked that i was present and understood what was being said. AMAZING! He was quite expensive, but worth every single penny, and I would trust him with just about any dental procedure moving forward — even a root canal, which previously I would NEVER have contemplated.

And this morning, after a good night’s sleep, I woke up in almost no pain at all. Although I feel like I’ve been run over by a small truck I’m still going to be able to get out to see Darcy, my stylist, and get a nice haircut for the book launch on November 10th. After so much worry and fretting, my dentist experience really couldn’t have gone any better.


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