My response to a “describe your main character” challenge on a FB writers group…

The first thing fellow Greatest noticed about Tir’at~Esk was the hue of his feathers: the rich blue of a winter sky just starting to darken toward evening, with dashing accents of black down the length of the long feathers and flashes of white at the tips. In combination with his black hide (visible on his muzzle, his hands, and his lower legs), which was daintily streaked with scarlet stripes, it created a most dramatic effect. The second thing one noticed was the way he carried himself: head erect on his long graceful neck, his scythe-claws confidently cocked back, his stride steady and full of confidence. And finally, one saw the flash of silver on his left forearm: the Source-forged vambrace given to him on the orders of the Sky Emperor Himself, inscribed with the sacred characters of the Word and capable of recording both his thoughts and everything which happened in his immediate environment — for Tir’at was an ~Esk, a courier/scribe, and in his own opinion the finest example of an ~Esk to grace the Settlement of the Culture of the Word in many a long generation. That this sentiment might not be shared by his fellow Warriors did not trouble him in the least.