Wild Prairie Fur Con 2019: “Furassic Park”

The Wild Prairie Fur Con’s website is up for their 2019 convention, huzzah! I’m really looking forward to attending their second year! The 2019 theme is “Furassic Park”, which should be loads of fun!
(I’m a “Furry Friend” rather than an actual Furry, and went to the first WPFC mostly out of curiosity, but the folks at the convention were so warm and friendly and welcoming that they completely won me over. I’ll be supporting their event whenever possible in the years to come.)
Wild Prairie Fur Con 2019: Furassic Park

Today I might take some time to start sketching out my Crow accessories for the WPFC. One issue will be cutting out the wings and tail, but I should be able to manage by purchasing big sheets of black matte board or black foam core from either Staples or Artists Emporium. Using metallic silver markers, I can then add detailing to the forms. A bigger issue: how best to attach them to me so that they can be easily handled (when it comes to things like sitting in chairs), not to mention put on and taken off.

After over two and a half decades away, it looks like I’m getting back into the realm of costuming again. 🙂

Me wearing crow mask for furry convention

Crow mask! :)

I stopped at one of our local Spirit Halloween stores earlier this week and found this PERFECT crow mask! Something to wear to next year’s Wild Prairie Fur Con (our city’s furry fandom convention); if I’m able, I also intend to create a small set of cardboard wings and a cardboard crow’s tail to dress up in for the event. (I wouldn’t call myself a furry proper, but I do feel a strong connection to crows and would feel much more in vogue at the WPFC with those accessories.)

Me wearing crow mask for furry convention

Conventions: The great DragonCon carpet cosplay debacle of 2013

It’s no secret that fans will cosplay just about anything, given half a chance. However, it takes a special kind of creativity to come up with the idea of dressing yourself as THE CARPET AT A CONVENTION HOTEL.

Dragoncon Carpet Cosplay 2

Behold, the folks who decided to kit themselves out as part of the floor at the Marriott Marquis Atlanta. Complete with camo firearms.

I’ll bet you’re saying: “Brilliant! Beautiful! Sheer genius!” And you’d be right.

However, the carpet’s designers didn’t see it that way. Especially when the cosplayers made the fabric pattern available on Spoonflower. Oops! Can you say, “Intellectual property infringement”? And even Volpin Props, the cosplayers in question, admitted that the original designers had a good point.

Still, in my opinion this episode marks one of the high points of 21st century cosplay. Cleverness! Meta out the wazoo! Copyright wank! Who could ask for anything more?

Full story here, courtesy of Gizmodo: