Hotel etiquette: Tipping the Cleaning Fairies

Another chronic pain day, hurray! I have a profound case of brain fog, so let’s talk about something plain and easy:

If you stay in a hotel, whether as part of a convention or not, it’s always a great idea to tip the folks who keep your room lovely and sparkling, AKA the Cleaning Fairies.

Why should this be the case? Well, as someone whose own housecleaning skills are best described as “indifferent”, I tremendously appreciate the luxury of coming back to my hotel room at the end of a long convention day and finding a neatly kept environment to crash in. A fully made bed! A spotless bathroom! Fresh towels! Oh, what bliss!

For another thing, I have a friend who used to have a job cleaning hotel rooms. Including the toilets (yick!). And they do NOT get paid a whole helluva lot. Make that: not a lot at all. AND they’re expected to handle some outrageous number of rooms per day. It’s the kind of job that gives little ol’ “judging by the appearance of her household there appears to have been a struggle” me the cold squicky shivers, and I can’t imagine that everybody who scrubs hotel rooms for a living is overjoyed at the prospect.

So on the Saturday night of a convention (to make sure I don’t forget it in the checkout frenzy on Sunday, when I’m likely to be three-quarters brain dead anyway), I hit the hotel front desk and hand them an envelope with $15-20 in it, marked “For the Cleaning Staff”. Last time I did it, I got gushed over, because apparently a lot of people do NOT tip the Cleaning Fairies.

Which I strongly advise everybody to do. 🙂

And if anybody reading this is a Cleaning Fairy themselves… you, Madam or Sir, are a braver human being than I am. No power on this wide green Earth could induce me to stick my hands into a stranger’s toilet. I just wish it were within my budgetary capacity to tip you even more.