Banner Art: A 2’x4′ vinyl sign for Keycon 36

Since I’m splitting an 8′ dealer table in the Keycon 36 Marketplace with a fellow artist, I plan to have a 2’x4′ vinyl sign printed to hang over the table front on my side. This is the latest version, based on a photo taken by Kevin Grummett at my November 10th book signing.

I welcome any thoughts or pointers, since this isn’t usually the kind of design work I do. 🙂

Lauren Alder 2s4 Keycon banner WHITE backgrd fade NEW TEXT proof

Tonight: A Facebook livestream of the “Codex” book launch!

I plan to do a live FB stream to my author page starting at around 7:30 PM CST tonight, for about 40-45 minutes — so you’ll be able to see the book launch (or at least the podium portion) as it happens. I hope you’ll join me (virtually) for one of the happiest evenings of my life! 🙂