Banner Art: A 2’x4′ vinyl sign for Keycon 36

Since I’m splitting an 8′ dealer table in the Keycon 36 Marketplace with a fellow artist, I plan to have a 2’x4′ vinyl sign printed to hang over the table front on my side. This is the latest version, based on a photo taken by Kevin Grummett at my November 10th book signing.

I welcome any thoughts or pointers, since this isn’t usually the kind of design work I do. 🙂

Lauren Alder 2s4 Keycon banner WHITE backgrd fade NEW TEXT proof

My Artwork: Vinyl Banner and Business Card

I’ve never worked to 2’x4′ proportions, although I have made my fair share of business cards.

You know what’s really tough?

Bookmarks. Those little beasts are torturous.

For today, though — let’s look at the vinyl banner and the second draft of my business card. All feedback welcomed!

Lauren Alder 2s4 Keycon banner BLACK BACK PROOF

Lauren Alder Business Card 2018 border TAHDAH PROOF