Previews of articles to come :)

Chronic pain is taking a huge bite out of my energy levels at the moment, so I’m going to use today’s post to give y’all a preview of articles that I have in the works.

In no particular order…

1) “So… where do you get your ideas from, anyway?”

I think every writer runs into this question sooner or later, particularly if they are writing in the speculative fiction genres. This article will tackle my own personal approach to finding and cultivating innovative ideas.

2) My favourite robots, and why I love them SO VERY MUCH!

Based on a panel I ran at Keycon a couple of years ago. The answers may surprise you!

3) The results of a character creation 5-day workshop through the “For Fiction Writers: Writing Into the Woods” Facebook group

What I learned, how this course pulled Jeremy Anderson (the male main character for “Where Darkness Falls”) into much sharper focus for me — and why you should check out the workshop videos too.

4) The history of novels: “Sensation fiction” and beyond!

To complain about modern novels “shocking for the sake of shock” (as one poster recently did on a FB writers group) is to ignore the long pedigree of the novel as a vehicle for thrills, the melodramatic, the fantastical, and the gruesome. Come with me on a trip down memory lane, to the genesis of the modern novel!

5) “Write what you know”: The best practical advice ever, or the kiss of death?

Well, it kind of depends on your definition of “know”…

6) So, which is harder: writing the book, or editing the book?

Two insanely steep slopes, compared and contrasted.

7) “Where Darkness Falls” and Wicca: What I know, how I know it, and how I’m changing it for “WDF”

My religion, my individual take, my bending of the rules.

8) “Where Darkness Falls” and the Southern Baptist denomination: What I (think) I know, how I know it, and why writing about it scares the living wits out of me

NOT my religion, my individual take, and how much do I dare to bend the rules as I perceive them?

9) The great DragonCon carpet cosplay debacle

If you haven’t heard of this… you should!

10) My day at a furry con — will I ever go back?

Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: HELL yes!

And many more subjects are to come, so please stay tuned! 🙂

(Including whether or not being Canadian is the kiss of death in the American market!)