Another successful trip around the Sun!

Birthday lunch today with my husband at my favourite local restaurant, a free drink from Starbucks, and possibly a trip out to Giant Tiger downtown to buy (gasp!) A NEW SET OF SHEETS as a present-to-myself.

I might also clean up my work desk as another present, since it’s starting to resemble an ancient Roman midden. (Hint: if your external drives are halfway hidden in drifts of paper, it’s probably time to bring out the snow shovel and start digging.)

Man, am I officially over 50 now, or what? 😀

“If I were a rich man…”

On a FB writers group, the question came up: “If you became a wildly successful author with tons of money, what would you do with it?”
My response:
“Buy a large split-level house, with a top level studio (view of trees or a city skyline) and a finished basement space with lovely curtains, suitable for Wiccan rituals. There would be a big back yard with mature trees and a fire pit and a high fence all around, also suitable for moonlight rituals. I would hire a cleaning service and yard care service, and treat them with respect and pay them very well. I would also give a significant portion of my earnings to animal charities, and have a room set aside especially for fostering a few cats at a time.
“Most of my money, though, would go into the bank, to earn me more money through interest. :)”

Thank you, Ian Mortimer, for these lovely little bits of information!

Best name I’ve encountered in a long time, in a book called “The Time Traveller’s Guide to Restoration Britain”…

Nicholas If-Jesus-Christ-Had-Not-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned Barbon (son of Praise-God Barebones).

(And he was a shady real estate agent who was charged with defrauding numerous people after the Great Fire of London, so the sanctimonious name did him no moral good whatsoever.)

Previews of articles to come :)

Chronic pain is taking a huge bite out of my energy levels at the moment, so I’m going to use today’s post to give y’all a preview of articles that I have in the works.

In no particular order…

1) “So… where do you get your ideas from, anyway?”

I think every writer runs into this question sooner or later, particularly if they are writing in the speculative fiction genres. This article will tackle my own personal approach to finding and cultivating innovative ideas.

2) My favourite robots, and why I love them SO VERY MUCH!

Based on a panel I ran at Keycon a couple of years ago. The answers may surprise you!

3) The results of a character creation 5-day workshop through the “For Fiction Writers: Writing Into the Woods” Facebook group

What I learned, how this course pulled Jeremy Anderson (the male main character for “Where Darkness Falls”) into much sharper focus for me — and why you should check out the workshop videos too.

4) The history of novels: “Sensation fiction” and beyond!

To complain about modern novels “shocking for the sake of shock” (as one poster recently did on a FB writers group) is to ignore the long pedigree of the novel as a vehicle for thrills, the melodramatic, the fantastical, and the gruesome. Come with me on a trip down memory lane, to the genesis of the modern novel!

5) “Write what you know”: The best practical advice ever, or the kiss of death?

Well, it kind of depends on your definition of “know”…

6) So, which is harder: writing the book, or editing the book?

Two insanely steep slopes, compared and contrasted.

7) “Where Darkness Falls” and Wicca: What I know, how I know it, and how I’m changing it for “WDF”

My religion, my individual take, my bending of the rules.

8) “Where Darkness Falls” and the Southern Baptist denomination: What I (think) I know, how I know it, and why writing about it scares the living wits out of me

NOT my religion, my individual take, and how much do I dare to bend the rules as I perceive them?

9) The great DragonCon carpet cosplay debacle

If you haven’t heard of this… you should!

10) My day at a furry con — will I ever go back?

Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: HELL yes!

And many more subjects are to come, so please stay tuned! 🙂

(Including whether or not being Canadian is the kiss of death in the American market!)

Just For Fun! Wild Prairie Fur Con 2018 Pictures!

I’ll be sharing more about WPFC 2018 in a future post, but for today — let’s have some cool pictures! 🙂

Not-very-cool me, in the hotel restaurant, with my only fannish accessory for the weekend besides my Keycon t-shirt: a cute li’l crocheted alien on a headband.

WPFC Me With Alien Headdress Sat Lunch

Well, maybe not my ONLY fannish accessory… I commissioned a crow name badge from one of the artists in the Dealers Den. Crows are very precious birds to me for a number of reasons, including some spiritual ones, so I felt comfortable identifying with them during a furry event.

WPFC Crow Badge

Somebody’s getting their tail nommed on! OM NOM NOM!

WPFC Furries Dragon Nibble on Tail Sat Morning

LOVE the skeleton face! And the LED name tags!

WPFC Furries One With Skull Face Sat Morning

A charming female ferret. I ended up hanging out with her and her SO for most of Saturday evening — such nice folks!

WPFC Snow Fox Furry Cool Couple I Met Sat Morning

One of the coolest accessories I saw all day (privately I dubbed it “the Aslan backpack”, but I don’t know what the person wearing it called it).

WPFC Aslan Backpack Sat Afternoon

The Artist Guest of Honour. If she fits, she sits! 🙂

WPFC Artist GoH It Fis She Sits Sat Afternoon

One of the charming serving entities in The Maid Cafe on Saturday night: an angler fish fursona, complete with forehead light!

WPFC Angler Fish Furry Maid Cafe Sat Night

And finally, the fellow (SO to the charming ferret!) who won the Live Reading of “The Eye of Argon”! I asked him to “strike a Grignr pose”, and he happily obliged!

WPFC Eye of Argon Winner with Ring

A written account of the convention will follow in the next few days, but suffice it to say that as a non-furry who was nervous about being all alone in a crowd of unknown fans, I was made to feel immensely welcome! 🙂

Author achievements unlocked!

Author achievements unlocked this week:
1) I hit my first sales target through Amazon on units of “The Codex of Desire”.
2) A used copy of “Codex” showed up on Amazon, through a British-based used book dealer. Not sure why this feels like an accomplishment, but it does.
3) The first (hopefully not the last!) piece of fan art for “Codex” made its appearance (thanks again, Michelle NL Conure!).
4) I received my first Amazon review (thank you, Elain Corrine Moria!).
6) I attended my first coffee meeting of the Manitoba Writers Guild, which might lead to membership in the Guild at some point in the future.
Which is quite a lot to achieve, to be honest. 🙂 So in spite of some low feeling and some marketing burn-out, it’s been a good week! 🙂