Utahraptor, William Stout, and one incredible convention sketch

A cool story about dinosaurs, that’s all… and about one of the greatest dinosaur artists of all time. I’ve told it before, but that was a while ago. 🙂 
I was incredibly fortunate to get a Utahraptor sketch from William Stout at a convention several years ago. I caught him before the dealers room opened (being a guest of the convention myself), and he did it for free — I was seriously fangirling on him, telling him that the very first book I ever bought with my own money was “Dinosaurs”, and so forth — and I didn’t find out until later that it was the equivalent of a $150 convention sketch… or so I’ve been told. In any case, it’s amazing and I will treasure it always.

William Stout Sketch MEDIUM

Wild Prairie Fur Con 2019: “Furassic Park”

The Wild Prairie Fur Con’s website is up for their 2019 convention, huzzah! I’m really looking forward to attending their second year! The 2019 theme is “Furassic Park”, which should be loads of fun!
(I’m a “Furry Friend” rather than an actual Furry, and went to the first WPFC mostly out of curiosity, but the folks at the convention were so warm and friendly and welcoming that they completely won me over. I’ll be supporting their event whenever possible in the years to come.)
Wild Prairie Fur Con 2019: Furassic Park

Today I might take some time to start sketching out my Crow accessories for the WPFC. One issue will be cutting out the wings and tail, but I should be able to manage by purchasing big sheets of black matte board or black foam core from either Staples or Artists Emporium. Using metallic silver markers, I can then add detailing to the forms. A bigger issue: how best to attach them to me so that they can be easily handled (when it comes to things like sitting in chairs), not to mention put on and taken off.

After over two and a half decades away, it looks like I’m getting back into the realm of costuming again. 🙂

Me wearing crow mask for furry convention

Banner Art: A 2’x4′ vinyl sign for Keycon 36

Since I’m splitting an 8′ dealer table in the Keycon 36 Marketplace with a fellow artist, I plan to have a 2’x4′ vinyl sign printed to hang over the table front on my side. This is the latest version, based on a photo taken by Kevin Grummett at my November 10th book signing.

I welcome any thoughts or pointers, since this isn’t usually the kind of design work I do. 🙂

Lauren Alder 2s4 Keycon banner WHITE backgrd fade NEW TEXT proof

Advice: “I’m writing, how do I keep up momentum?”

Advice offered to a beginning writer, who’d asked for “words of wisdom” as they work through the writing phase on their book and are trying to keep up momentum…


The best advice I can offer is to JUST WRITE. 🙂 Don’t edit as you go, that will only slow you down. If you find yourself stalled on one section, feel free to jump ahead (or back) to a scene that engages you more. But keep pumping out those words: even if they’re crap, you can always edit them into something better later, and you can’t edit what you don’t got.

If you come across a place where you have to put content but you don’t know exactly what that content is yet (town name, chemical compound, how to train a hawk, etc), put something like “TWK” in its place. Something that you won’t write in the regular course of the novel, so that when the time comes to fill in those blanks, you can just do a global search for “TWK” and find all the places where you need to fill in missing details.

I found that doing a rough outline in advance was immensely helpful, as well as using the writing program Scrivener, which allows you to keep all your chapters/notes in one master screen and drag them/rearrange them as you need to (Scrivener has a 30 day trial, so you can try it free before you buy it, and it’s actually quite affordable).

If you have further questions, feel free to ask. 🙂

The PR photo par excellence!

Eight thousand thanks to Kevin Grummett, who has kindly agreed to sell me the rights to the photograph below. It captures an amazing moment in time (when I was signing my first book at the book launch, for Kevin himself) and JUST the right attitude, in my opinion. I’ll be using it for PR applications for a long time to come!

Me signing Kevin Codex copy

Check out Kevin’s pro FB page, at


Another successful trip around the Sun!

Birthday lunch today with my husband at my favourite local restaurant, a free drink from Starbucks, and possibly a trip out to Giant Tiger downtown to buy (gasp!) A NEW SET OF SHEETS as a present-to-myself.

I might also clean up my work desk as another present, since it’s starting to resemble an ancient Roman midden. (Hint: if your external drives are halfway hidden in drifts of paper, it’s probably time to bring out the snow shovel and start digging.)

Man, am I officially over 50 now, or what? 😀